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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Announcement: Whitebear Media Server (UPnP/DLNA) v2.0 released !! spectre101 Fri Mar 25 18:00:20 2011

Hello Andrew:

First off, I really appreciate the effort that you have made putting
Whitebear together. Up to now, I've avoided posting for help because I
know you do this on your time, it's free, etc. However, I'm really at a
loss to explain why I can't stream music from (non-Whitebear server)
devices through Whitebear to any Squeezebox Duets (2) and Squeezebox
Radio (1).

First, I'm able to stream if I choose the server Whitebear creates to
any of the Squeezeboxes. I can do this through Twonky Manager and other
apps simply using drag and drop.

The problem starts when I try to stream anything from a server other
than Whitebear Server. The typical actions are the artwork will appear
on the remote player (or controller), the song is cued in the playlist
(both in Twonky and the receiver), but it freezes at 0:00 and doesn't
play anything. Simply deleting the song from the playlist sends things
back to normal, the same thing happens everytime.

Troubleshooting I have done includes installing and reinstalling WBS,
ensuring that all ports are open to the program, both inbound and
outbound (I'm running on Windows Server 2008 r2). I've used different
DLNA controllers (Twonky, Android, WMP11, JRiver MC15 and 16),
double-checked that 9090, 9002, and 37?15 and 37?16 are port forwarded
on the router. WBS gives green on access to Squeezeserver and functions
check OK.

The only hint I have trouble is up is that when I try to initiate
"play" from the radio itself, I get a brief message saying that
"Connection reset by remote host cryptic
stuff.mp3)" I have no idea where this is coming from because while I
know Slim Devices used to use this IP, I didn't think they did anymore.
Second, all of the IP's for my home network (in the 192.169.0.x range)
are specified correctly.

Squeezebox, Squeezeserver, and Twonky all work well when WBS is not

Do you have any ideas? I apologize for the length of this message and
appreciate your help in advance.

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