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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Announce: Weather Screensafer for Radio/Touch/Controller frankd Wed Feb 01 15:00:40 2012

Since January 1st, the three forecast icons seem not to work the way
they used to work before for all my 4 radios and my touch. Now, the
first icon shows the old weather of December 31st (Saturday) instead of
today's weather forecast (Monday, January 2nd), while the second icon
shows the forecast of today's weather instead of tomorrow's weather and
the third icon shows the forecast of tomorrow's weather instead of the
day after tomorrow. Also the weekdays below the icons state "Saturday,
Monday Tuesday" instead of "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday", This is
reproducible changing to different weather stations within Germany or
Switzerland. The current weather data seem to be up to date (few
minutes old). Re-installing the firmware and uninstalling and
reinstalling the applet didn't help unfortunately.

Overall, I consider the weather applet my favorite applet!!!

Kind regards

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