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[SlimDevices: Plugins] SqueezePlay + Multiple Audio Outputs (PulseAudio?) dangerusty Fri Feb 10 09:01:34 2012

I've done much searching, but I can't seem to find the best solution, so
I'm posting this in hopes that someone else has the same type of project
with some success.

I have pairs of speakers in 4 rooms, powered by an 8-channel amp. I
have a Windows 7 laptop with multiple audio output devices connected to
the amp. I would like to use multiple instances of a software squeeze
player bound to each audio output device. This works great with
SoftSqueeze and SqueezeSlave, but these don't support direct streaming,
so Spotify/MOG/etc do not appear as valid apps when controlling the
players. SqueezePlay supports direct streaming, but there is no way to
select an audio output device. After much Googling, it appears there is
no way on Windows 7 to bind an application to a certain audio output

This led me to PulseAudio on Linux (PulseAudio runs on Windows, but
it's only useful as a server, it can't route Windows application
audio). With PulseAudio, you can bind applications to audio output
devices, and you can do other cool stuff. One example is that one of my
audio output devices is an Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA card with 3 pairs of
analog outputs for surround sound. PulseAudio would let me use that
device as 3 stereo virtual output devices. Thus, I'd really like to
pick a linux distro and use PulseAudio, but Googling this leads me to
find that SqueezePlay doesn't work with PulseAudio. Everyone has to
disable PulseAudio to get any output from SqueezePlay.

My only option seems to be to run a virtual machine for each player,
and map the audio devices that way. Maybe I can use VMWare Player on
Linux with PulseAudio so I can still split my surround card(s) into
multiple stereo cards...

What would you do?

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