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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Announce: BBCiPlayer Plugin (UK only) trautigan Thu Feb 16 05:01:12 2012

mobileadam;689383 Wrote: 
> Well I used iPlayer extensively today. I didn't need to restart at any
> time. Even when using Listen Again I did get 3 re-buffering episodes
> but after each one the players both continued the stream which was
> fantastic. 
> The joy of a reliable service.
> thanks again

I agree with this post - the bug has not fixed the problem, all it does
now is simply recover from rebuffering. 

In my book that is not 'a reliable service'
...from a listeners point of view it means that the audio stops for a
few seconds and then starts again. 
It's actually very poor. 

We can now have the discussion about my wifi (no,it isn't), my version
of the software (some dodgy nightly build) and other topics - but be
assured it is the same problem still not properly fixed.

At some point I will capture a log and raise another bug - unless
someone else wants to; as I've said elsewhere, trying to help Logitech
to get their products to work is not a priority of mine. So, quite
rightly, feel free to ignore this until the bug is raised. 

I've just posted in case some other end-user is suffering.

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