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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Android and Vortexbox... garym Sun Feb 19 08:00:04 2012

discreplaybosss;691354 Wrote: 
> Hi all. I'm trying to be able to check my list of albums and artists on
> my Vortexbox NAS from my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus) when I am out
> shopping, because I can't always remember everything that is on there.
> I don't need to be able to listen to it, just see if I have it. 
> Also, I really don't get what the purpose of mysqueezebox.com is,
> unless it is just for downloading apps for internet radio, last.fm,
> Spotify, etc...
> Thanks ind advance!!!

Can't help with first question (but will involve opening some ports on
your router I suspect).  Mysb.com is where you add apps etc. but with
your vortexbox running 24/7, you'll never need to actually use mysb.com
as your LMS server "in the cloud". You do need to enter your mysb.com
credentials in your LMS>settings>mysb.com tab.


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