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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Announce: Spotify Premium Plugin (Beta) donald24 Sat Mar 10 11:00:24 2012

Triode;695139 Wrote: 
> Should not do that - have you cleared the playlist and restarted radio
> playback?

Things I've tried:

I've stopped the service. Cleared the caching directories, deinstalled
the plugin - reinstalled the plugin. And Elton John was greeting me,
when playing back the pop radio again. Changed the way it started,
service to normal prog.

And then I installed the LogitechMediaServer on a different
workstation, and it was the same. Elton John. So it is not my
installation. It somehow has to do with my account (or my squeezebox
touch??), but I cannot imagine what.

I've disabled the LastFM-integration (which shouldn't be interfering in
radio AFAIK)

I am out of ideas.. anybody?

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