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Re: [SlimDevices: Plugins] Announce: BBCiPlayer Plugin (UK only) Cape11 Sun Apr 01 06:00:57 2012

I apolgise if this issue has been raised before:

On the BBC R4FM web site you can select Schedule, see a day's list of
programmes, and from these access the iPlayer for each and every(?)
one. Specifically, on Thursday at 9:15a.m. you can select In Our Time.


And for In Our Time, you can elsewhere on the BBC web site go back to
an archive of all of the past programmes

I would think this is quite a popular choice.

But, if I use the iPlayer plugin there are no entries whatsoever that
allow one to select In Our Time. It's missing from the Thursday
schedule (both entries: the shortened repeat at 9:30 pm is also
missing) and there's no special entry in the programme list below the
day listings.

Can this problem be rectified please?

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