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Developing simple Pluto based portal - need some pointers David Carew Mon Oct 22 18:06:35 2007


I'm new to Pluto and I'm charged with developing a simple portal based on
Pluto 1.0.x.

1) For the Look and Feel I need to have tabbed pages and to be able to
customize things like the header graphic of each portal page, fonts, colors
etc. Basically the same overall layout with different colors graphics, fonts

Is there a systematic way to do this or do I have to come up with my own
scheme ? I am hoping to contain most of the customization  in a set of
stylesheets along with some kind of changeable template.

2) My2nd major requirement is security. I want to be able to show users
pages based on their roles. I'll have n pages with a fixed set of portlets.
I'll have m roles, each of which will be authorized for a subset of the n
pages. Basically page level security instead of individual portlet security.
When a user logs in they'll be only able to see the tabbed portlet pages
that they are authorized to see. Again I'm hoping for a "standard" way of
doing this rather than having to roll my own solution.

Any hints, tips and/or pointers to additional info are welcome. Thanks