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Re: Powerpoint Embedded Objects Nick Burch Tue Dec 13 08:23:39 2005

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Mathieu Migout wrote:
 - ExOleObjStg : A variable length container, which has LZW compressed
data, which corresponds to the Istorage data for this ole object. The
uncompressed data is a docfile, which contains the ole object data.

Sounds like powerpoint might strip off some of the OLE stuff when it embeds it, or possibly have had some more stuff wrapped around it

Once you've decomressed it, try comparing it to the thing you originally embeded. You might find that the decompressed stream starts part way into the original (and hence stuff was stripped off when embeding), or that the original starts part way into the decomressed stream (and hence extra stuff was added)

Do let us know what you find, so we can include it in a future HSLF version


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