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Re: New SRS patch Wietse Venema Sun Feb 26 12:00:45 2012

Christoph Garst:
> >> I doubt to use SMTP-milter since it can't make modifications to the
> >> envelope.
> >
> > SMFIR_CHGFROM and SMFIR_ADDRCPT_PAR support exists since Postfix
> > 2.6, four stable releases ago. Support for SMFIR_ADDRCPT/SMFIR_DELRCPT
> > exists even longer.
>  From MILTER_README: When you use the before-queue content filter for 
> incoming SMTP mail (see SMTPD_PROXY_README), Milter applications have 
> access only to the SMTP command information; they have no access to the 
> message header or body, and cannot make modifications to the message or 
> to the envelope.
> Is this obsolete?

It is 100% correct. To change the message or envelope you'd have
to configure the Milter BEHIND the SMTPD_PROXY filter.