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Re: New SRS patch Wietse Venema Sun Mar 18 10:00:18 2012

Christoph Garst:
> Hi,
> i've made a new SRS patch for debian postfix-2.7.0.
> It is based on Sheveks patch for postfix-2.1.4 but has many

I think I have found one architectural problem with this implementation.

It SRS-ifies the envelope sender BEFORE giving it to a delivery
agent. The problem with this is that the delivery agent will report
delivery status notifications to the SRS-ified envelope sender

This can be avoided by SRS-ifying the sender in the delivery agent
while it encapsulates the message into SMTP. SRS is really a
transformation that is tied to the SMTP protocol.

This could be addressed by making smtp_generic_maps more general,
such that there are separate variants for envelope sender, envelope
recipient, and likewise the message header addresses (perhaps with
names like smtp_sender_envelope_generic_maps, etc.)