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Re: Backscatter email lst_hoe02 Fri Oct 30 05:00:06 2009

Zitat von Wietse Venema <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Matt Richards:

I just want to check up on something ...

I run my own mail servers, using postfix and a few years ago I use to
get quite a lot of backscatter due to spam messages being sent out with
forged from addresses.

Today I still run my own mail server but I don't see any of this
backscatter anymore, not that I'm complaining but I just wondered why?

At first I thought it was the network that my server was on doing
something funny but I have recently added a new server on a different
network and this server doesn't see any backscatter either.

Interestingly I still see legit bounce messages when I have got an
address wrong or something.

Does anybody know what happened? Have servers just been reconfigured to
not send backscatter from spam?

On my little domain, I see less backscatter.


Backscatter is far less common than years before because most of the spam today is spewed out by queue-less bots and not open relays with real MTAs as it was some time ago. The receiving end does recipient verification most of the time, so at that end bounces are not created either.

With this, the amount of backscatter is declining more and more IMHO.