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Basic Configuration Help Michael Laris Sun Feb 19 09:01:01 2012


My name is Mike Laris and I am a volunteer with two 501(c)(3) animal rescue organizations : Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue (txpyrs.org) and Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation of Texas (saintrescuetx.org). Part of my volunteer activities for both these groups has been to write and maintain the websites. I am a Java programmer in my day job, and have written these websites using Java/Postgresql and CentOS.

Recently, the groups ask me to add a feature to the application such that certain notification emails would be automatically sent when an adoption application is received, and to allow the application to receive and automatically process certain emails. The actual Java software to do this was not that difficult, however I have been stymied attempting to get the Postfix server to work properly. The current problem centers around the Address Verification feature of Postfix. I have been reading documentation for much of this weekend, and I still have no clue what I need to change, so I have decided to ask for help from some experts. This is how I want to configure the system:

(NOTE: In all examples, I am using just one of the sites, txpyrs.org, but the other site will be analogous.)

1. Allow all emails that originate on the txpyrs.org from a select group of users (tgpr_mail, mlaris, kanctil) to send mail OUT

2. Only allow user tgpr_mail to receive email from outside txpyrs.org

3. Put in whatever necessary protections are required to help prevent spam

The actual emails that need to be processed are:

1. Send an email to a person who has submitted an adoption/volunteer application confirming that we have received the application. This is basically a form email that simply confirms receipt of the application. The MAIL_FROM will always be [EMAIL PROTECTED] and the RCPT_TO will be whatever address the person provided to us on the application form.

2. Send a periodic email newsletter to people who have subscribed to the mailing list. The MAIL_FROM and RCPT_TO are the same as in #1. The mailing list is maintained by the application.

3. Send a notification email to a Yahoo group informing the group that a new application has arrived. The Yahoo group is a mailing list that will forward the email to a set of volunteers that process adoption applications. The MAIL_FROM is always going to be [EMAIL PROTECTED] and the RCPT_TO will always be the email address of the Yahoo group.

4. Allow [EMAIL PROTECTED] to receive emails from a Fax-to-email service (which we have yet to pick) that will be used by the vetrinarians (and possibly others) to FAX medical records. I am writing a EJB that can read the incoming mail and automatically insert the attached PDF (or other attachements) into the database. Upon receipt of a FAX, the application will send an email from tgpr_mail to a list of volunteers.

Unfortunately,I don't know how to do any of these thing in Postfix. I'm a very good Java programmer, and an Ok Linux admin, but I have no experience with this. I can (or already have) created all of the Java code to create/process the emails from the application level. Once it is sent to Postfix for delivery, I'm lost. I am looking for someone who might be willing to donate some time to help me get this configured properly. It is for a good cause.

I can provide what ever configuration files or other details are necessary. I know so little about Postfix, that I do not even know which config files are important, and which are not.

Mike Laris