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Re: Ldap queries optimization Angel L. Mateo Wed Feb 22 01:00:10 2012

El 17/02/12 17:18, Viktor Dukhovni escribió:

Some queries are repeated, this should have no significant impact.
Focus on overalll performance rather than optimizing non-critical
paths. Postfix is not monolithic, so cleanup(8) repeats some queries
made by smtpd(8), and in smtpd(8) some queries are repeated because
this makes the code more modular. This works well enough for a
large number of Postfix sites, it will work for you too if you
"don't sweat the small stuff".

I know it needs to repeat queries. But, in this case, why not implementing a cache for such maps? If I remember well in previous versions it did. And it did for other maps, like the one for address_verify_map.

And I know I should focus on the real problem with my ldap server. But I would like postfix to make things better (and it doesn't mean it doesn't do well)

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