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Re: disabled softproof checkbox on lpadmin-added queue Michael R Sweet Fri Jan 09 09:01:01 2009

radj wrote:
Why is the Softproof checkbox disabled in the lpadmin-added printer queue and not in the queue added from the Printer Setup Utility?
Does the lpadmin lack arguments?

lpadmin does not register the ICC profiles for the queue in Leopard
and earlier.  The lpadmin in CUPS 1.4 and later *does* handle profile
registration (actually, cupsd does it so that the profiles are
registered no matter how you add the printer...)

Does the Printer Setup Utility use lpadmin? If so, what parameters does it use?

First, Printer Setup Utility is long gone.

Second, Add Printer and makequeues (the program that auto-adds
printers when you plug them in) do low-level IPP requests to add
the printer via the CUPS API - essentially what lpadmin does.  They
also register the color profiles via the ColorSync APIs.

The makequeues command supports an option for adding new USB printers
after installation - I don't recall the options off hand, but Apple
DTS should be able to provide them.

Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer
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