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Help for Printing API to modify quality, paperFeed, paperType and outputBin programmatically Praveen Innamuri Mon Feb 08 04:00:10 2010

Can anyone help me on this post ?

 I have a Mac cocoa application that supports customising field values
programatically for Print dialog. However, I could not find any API in
Mac (Cocoa/Carbon) to set the values for printQuality
(Best/Normal/Low/Draft), mediaType(Standard/Glossy/Transparent),
paperSource or PaperFeed(Auto/Manual/Casette/Env) and
Though I find constants for these fields as :
PMQuality, PMPaperType, PMPaperSource, PMPSTraySwitch.
I am not successful in using them to set the values to printer. I
couldn't find which object/dictionary/array can contain these keys to
be effective.
Can anyone help me ?

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