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32 bit compilation of filter on 64 bit Mac OS X Johan Henselmans Fri Feb 03 01:05:46 2012

I am working on a filter that might run on a 32 bit OSX or a 64 bit OS X. 

I remember that by default compiling on OS X would result in a 32 bit 
application. Now compiling on OS X, even with the 
./configure --enable-32bit  
results in a 64 bit executable. I noticed that the  --enable-32bit was not used 
whatsoever in compiling for Darwin executables. 

Is there any way to compile a 32 bit executable on a 64 bit OS X via Makefiles 
that is available in the default cups distribution?

NB: I also tried to open the XCode project in the xcode folder of the source, 
which resulted in a whole bunch of schemes that I could compile, but I did not 
understand what was going on. There seemed to be two targets, MyMac 32-bit and 
MyMac 64-bit, but building once again resulted in a 64 bit binary. 

Johan Henselmans

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