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[Proto-Scripty] Re: Trying to toggle the content of elements tirengarfio Fri Jan 29 07:00:24 2010

Hi thanks,

On Jan 29, 2:59 pm, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> then look at Element.update for one possible way to do this with a single DIV.

I tried but i dont know how to do it.

> Another way would be to have two different elements (with distinct  
> IDs), and then set them to switch back and forth so only one is ever  
> visible at a time.

This worked. Here you have:


function conmutarContenido(){

<div style="display: none" id="hola" >


<div id="adios">

<div id="link">

<?php //echo link_to_function("Link", "$('test').toggle()") ?>

    <a href="#" onclick="conmutarContenido()" >Click here</a>


> BTW, which PHP framework is this code from?

Why do you ask? because this line?:

<?php //echo link_to_function("Link", "$('test').toggle()") ?>

It's a symfony helper.


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