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[Proto-Scripty] Re: prototype 1.7, scriptalulous 1.9.0, FF 4.0 beta 9 Eric Wed Jan 19 03:00:54 2011


I did have the second issue you have (regarding dragging from divs
with scrollbars) a couple of months ago, but didn't get any helpful
reply from the list (too specific issue perhaps).
I am sorry but the only way I could fix it was to undust my pre-
prototype drag'n drop code.

However, the big part of the trick is to have a hidden div in the root
of the dom (not into your scrollable div) (let's call it "the X div")
and upon mouse down on the draggable item do the following:
- copy innerHTML from the draggable item into the X div
- move X div exactly on top of draggable item
- show X div (and hide draggable item)
- drag X div

I did that using proprietary code, but it should be possible to do
that with scripty's draggables (and then to be able to use all nice
features like ghost).

If you successfully implement this, don't hesitate to share it ;o)


On Jan 16, 6:24 pm, Ben Perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > ...After some investigation, if I put ghosting: true on each
> > draggable, then they don't drag at all.
> Whoops, this isn't the case, must have got mixed up whilst testing.
> The second page with just spans or the table (provided they both have
> ghosting:true set) exhibit the same behavious. The dragged item
> doesn't return to its position.
> This can be replicated in FF 3.6.13 too.

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