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[Proto-Scripty] The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared EdGioja Sat Apr 14 08:00:14 2012

I am trying to update the opener page.  This works in all browsers but IE.  
IE refuses to update and gives me the error: 

The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and 
disappeared; all connections are invalid

The error occurs on the getinputs line.

Please forgive the random numbers.  In my search for an answer, it was 
suggested that the variable names weren't unique...so I made them unique.  
Removing them doesn't help.
I've seen a number of discussions about .net, but this isn't utilizing any 
of that.  It is simple code in a ColdFusion environment.  
The *activatefield *and *deactivatefield *functions have been in use for a 
long time and, like I said, it all works in Firefox and Safari.

I would appreciate any help.  Here is my code.

       <script language="javascript">

        // Display/Edit Button
        // Search for buttons on form and update colors
        r = Math.floor((Math.random()*100)+1).toString();
        this['form' + r ]  = 
        this['arr' + r]= $(this['form' + r ]).getInputs('button'); 
        var x = 0;
        this['arr' + r].each(function(item) {
            name = item.inspect();
            // Display/Edit button
            if(name.indexOf("DisplayEditOrder") > -1) {
                var newattribute = "background-color:#bgcolor#;";
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("style", newattribute);
                var newattribute = "deactivatefield(this, \'#bgcolor#\');";
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("onmouseout", 
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("onblur", 
                var newattribute = "activatefield(this);";
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("onmouseover", 
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("onfocus", 
                var newattribute = "#buttoncaption#";
                $(this['arr' + r][x]).writeAttribute("value", newattribute);


        // force refresh of DOM activitty
        var msie = "Microsoft Internet Explorer";
        var elementonshow = 
        var tmp = 0;

        if (navigator.appName == msie) {
            tmp = elementonshow.parentNode.offsetTop + 'px';
        } else {
            tmp = elementonshow.offsetTop;

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