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Re: [Puppet Users] Re: augeas and sudo woes Rob McBroom Wed Jun 30 12:01:58 2010

On Jun 30, 2010, at 1:52 PM, Jeff wrote:

> When I removed that line, I got a new entry each time puppet ran...

I know. I wasn’t referring to the “onlyif” line alone, but the whole thing.

See my original post, starting where I said “Also note that your example as 
written will add this entry to the file on every single Puppet run. You could 
add an ‘onlyif’, but by using `last() + 1` and ‘onlyif’ you can only add 
entries.” for a solution.

Rob McBroom

Don't try to tell me something is important to you if the whole of your 
“support” entails getting Congress to force *others* to spend time and money on 

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