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[Puppet Users] RE: enterprise puppet architecture Steve Shipway Thu Feb 23 00:00:28 2012

Our Puppet system here is currently managing about 500 nodes.  We anticipate 
about 1000 eventually.

I have had to reduce the client frequency to once every 4 hours; it seems that 
the maximum that can be handled by a single (dual-CPU, 8GB) puppet master is 
200 nodes.  After that, performance drops quickly and I notice many failed 
manifests.  This is with Puppet 2.7.10 on the master.

We've bought a copy of ProPuppet (as  Jeff Watts recommended) and we're 
planning to make a distributed system as instructed in there -- one puppet 
dashboard/report server, multiple puppet master servers, and one dev server.  
Puppet configurations held is subversion and synchronised on all puppet 
masters, which would themselves be behind a load balancer.  This is still in 
the planning stage, though.

I'd be interested in hearing your experiences in managing your extra-large 
system; I can also share our experiences in how we implemented and manage 
control of this system, if you'd like to contact me off-list.  When we first 
implemented, we engaged a Puppet Labs consultant for a few days to help with 
the initial work.  I can definitely recommend doing this if you've no puppet 
experience, as one place Puppet lacks is documentation!


Steve Shipway
University of Auckland ITS
UNIX Systems Design Lead
Ph: +64 9 373 7599 ext 86487

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