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Re: [Puppet Users] Getting started Andreas Haerter Fri Apr 06 08:00:39 2012


On 05.04.2012 22:42, Brown, Rodrick wrote:
> I really hate poor documentation.
> I’m following along in PDF documentation I downloaded from the official
> site and I’m stuck after I installed rack & passenger modules from
> rubygems.

There is a PDF?! OK...

However, Maybe helpful:
-> "How to start" listing

> I ran the passenger build script and it compiled and installed into my
> local apache httpd server successfully.

I personally started by using Puppet without master but "puppet apply"
instead. I created modules and then ran something like

> su -
> puppet apply --verbose --modulepath /your/modules-directory/ -e "class { 
> 'example': } foobar { [...] }"

to learn the stuff before creating master infrastructure and stuff.
BTW: There are masterless users out there (cf. "Masterless" listing at
my blog posting linked above).

> Puppet seems way too clumber some with the amount of dependencies
> required so far.

Seriously: use the packages of your distribution or the YUM/APT repos by
Puppetlabs if you want to start with all the 2.7 features right now (I
would recommend that - why learning and maintain old stuff if you just
start to use Puppet?). Or are you running Puppet on windows (=no
repositories available)?

Andreas <http://blog.andreas-haerter.com>

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