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[Quantum Owners] Re: New engine for a saloon [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Apr 04 15:00:21 2012

I have cougar v6 discs with xr4x4 calipers on the front of my coupe
but they do need 15" rims to clear.i have a mk5 escort master cyl ,
the details of that were on the club site at one time.

the power steering was from an mgtf(or mgf same thing)
i used the column as was along with the mg switchgear,ignition and
column plastics.

The bottom of the column has two uj's with a small shaft between .this
section does remove from the column so could easily be modded to fit
the std fiesta rack pinion. i have a one off rack made using a fiesta
body and rack bar but fitted with a mk3/4 escort pinion. the pitch of
teeth ,helix angle etc all match ok and it just screws in place of the
fiesta one. this mod allows the lower uj to fit straight on with no
mods !
you will need to fab up a suitable bracket to position the column ,
some have adjustable tilt which is nice.

The ecu to run the column is a fairly small item to hide.it needs a
hefty 60a constant supply! you will also need to provide it and
ignition live,tacho feed and speed input.the speed sensor screws into
the ford box as is .the sensor is used in many rovers as their
speedo .i have a electronic speedo(from y2k fiesta) using the ford
inline transducer on the coupe and the rover sensor piggys onto
that .i suppose you could get someone to make up a module to generate
this signal instead.

the switch gear electrics could be blended into the original loom
quite easily as most functions transpose ok,the coupe had a total
custom loom made to accomodate the dash and several other leccy

the important and most oddly expense item was the loom from the ecu to
the actual column. I got an mg breakers to strip the steering bit from
a damaged loom which cost bout 50 or so.if you wanted to solder to the
ecu rather than plug in you could save there.


hope some of that makes sense , there should be pictures on here or
the club site of the end result in the coupe , sorry been a LONG time
since it was done so some of the finer bits are a bit fuzzy :-)


On Apr 1, 10:37 pm, bilje55 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have recently bought my 3rd Quantum...a saloon with the original
> 1600 cvh engine fitted. In time I shall  want to fit a more modern
> engine with fuel injection. Advice please, which is the best engine to
> go for and what exactly is involved?
> Research would seem to suggest that an 1800cc Zetec is possibly the
> best option as such engines are readily available and considerably
> cheaper than the 2 litre version of the same engine. Is this
> information correct? Will this engine bolt up to a standard ib5 box?
> What type of electric water pump do people use? Which fuel tank will
> fit?
> I understand that the brake servo may well need upgrading,,to what ?
> Also I've heard that some club members have used Mondeo disks /
> callipers to beef up the brakes, but that 14 or 15" wheels become
> necessary in order to fit over the Mondeo equipment.
> Finally (for this post anyway) I will very probably want to fit power
> steering: my first Quantum saloon had very heavy steering, which I
> "cured" by fitting the largest diameter Mountney wheel I could buy. I
> have heard that one could use either an electric column from an MG or
> a Vauxhall item from a Corsa. Please could someone tell me
> specifically which parts to get? ( Which model of corsa / MG...what
> else needs to be done...what snags there are). Do I have to attach the
> Ford bracketry to the new column to take all the Ford switch gear?
> I know that a lot of this information is probably here already on the
> forum, if I knew where to look; accordingly I'm interested in any
> replies...even if they only point me in the right direction !
> Cheers
> Bill

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