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[Quantum Owners] Re: New engine for a saloon barnacle Thu Apr 05 12:01:38 2012

For the completely different approach, I have Mondeo V6 discs - again,
a 15" wheel is required to clear them, and beware: Ford 15" wheels
have much more offset than 13" standard wheels. I had to modify the
hubs to accept them - drilling out the mounting holes, and a little
bit of machining to centre the disc.

Power steering is from the Fiat Coupe - it fits the track rods
directly but mounting is not easy and I don't think it's a match to
the steering column. It's also powered from a pump on the engine, so
probably not a goer for a Ford installation. I'd be curious about the
electric steering from a Punto, though...


On Apr 4, 11:13 pm, Bill Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thank you. That's really, really helpful.
> Bill

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