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[Quantum Owners] Re: New engine for a saloon barnacle Fri Apr 06 13:00:20 2012


I don't have the details (or the car) to hand, but from memory I
needed just to drill out the holes by a couple of mm - i.e. spacing
and offset was correct - and just trimmed a millimetre or so from the
outboard side of the hub to move the calliper frame inwards slightly.
There are two sizes of Mk2 Mondeo discs; from memory, these are the
smaller (260mm).


On Apr 6, 12:35 pm, Mark Miles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> With the mondeo discs do you need to make any modifications to the two holes 
> on the hub assembly that mount the caliper bracket. I bought a set of discs 
> and twin pot calipers that were apparently suitable for an escort. In order 
> to fit them I would need to put spacers in to move the caliper outboard by 
> about 6mm as well as milling the discs down by 2mm (diameter) as they foul 
> the caliper. It all seems rather a lot of work, especially if the mondeo disc 
> will be a straight fit. My local breakers has two v6 mondeos with complete 
> braking systems at the moment. I already have 15" wheels so no problem there.

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