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Re: QD -> Quartz = poor performance David Duncan Fri Dec 22 06:00:46 2006

On Dec 21, 2006, at 10:37 PM, David M. Cotter wrote:

can i keep that imageRef around forever, and whenever I CGContextDrawImage it gets the bits from the provider??
that way i don't have to keep allocate / blit / deallocate per frame?

okay i answered my own question. the answer is no. i also found out that there is no time spent in the calls to create the CGImage, all the time is spent in the call to draw it. (ie: even if i ONLY call CGContextDrawImage() on each frame, using a pre-created image, i still get 9 fps.

That's definitely strange, and I'm at a loss to explain that right this moment... I do have an app that is drawing a sample image that is rotating about it's center and I'm getting better than 30 fps.
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David Duncan

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