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CI Transitions of resized images of different sizes Marc Wan Wed Jun 13 12:04:24 2007


 so, i've recently started to convert my app from NSImage to
CoreImage, and have been pretty pleased so far, even witout converting
my NSView to an NSOpenGLView.

 however, i've run into a problem when I transition between images.

 Normally, I take an image , and just call:

 [cimage drawInRect: scaledRect fromRect: imageOrigRect
         operation: NSCompositeOver fraction: 1.0];

 now, the problem arises when I try to transition between two images
in my program.

 1. when I set up the Dissolve transition, the two images are drawn
at their full size, not their "resized" size.

 2. the images are both drawn with the same lower-left corner, even
if they're of quite different sizes.

 i'm suspecting that i need to use some sort of transforms or stuff
here, but am not 100% sure which.

 so. my questions are:

 a. how can i scale imags during a transition, or am i better off
pre-scaling these for all displays?

 b. how can i maintain image positions in a transition, even if
they're of different sizes, etc?

 any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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