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Re: Academic paper credit and references for CI Filter Generator and Quartz Composer Daniel Beatty Mon Feb 25 00:06:55 2008

 Greetings Jeffrey,
As I responded to Dr. Johnson, I agree with the reasoning.  In the case of 
using the QC or CI documents at large, attributing authorship to Apple seems 
quite acceptable.  BiBTeX tends to take it as a hassle, that can be overcome.  
In the cases of specifically patented portions of QC or CI such as CI Filter 
Generator, I took a look for the specific paten itself to determine authorship, 
if possible.  

A couple of the targeted publications for this work are ACM's Queue, and some 
of ACM's distributed computing and graphics (general and GPGPU) publications.  
On the one hand, the discoveries made in these papers are significant in their 
own right.   The technology that enables these concepts, namely Apple's QC and 
CI, are under referenced in these publication and deserves its proper citing in 
my papers.    This is obviously in Apple's interest as ACM is considered by 
many computer scientists as the computer science professional organization.  


On Sunday, December 23, 2007, at 12:47PM, "Jeffrey Oleander" <[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Michael B Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> On 2007 Dec 21, at 22:17, Daniel Beatty wrote:
>>> All along my academic advisor has [been] stressing
>>> the need to identify the human author, as if he had
>>> a thank you note to write him or her.
>> In my experience, large software systems like Quartz
>> are like movies; there are a few principal authors,
>> several important behind-the-scenes wizards, and
>> an extraordinarily long list of people who
>> absolutely did contribute to the final product in a
>> significant way.  It's complicated to name names
>> (especially in any sort of ordered-by- 
>> contribution-level)...
>Hmmm, that's whey the Guild has complicated rules about
>credits... and even they fall short of acknowleding many
>OTOH, some don't want to be known.  That can be good or
>bad.  They protect themselves, but they also dodge
>responsibility for their own errors.
>I'd much rather see a list of the top dozen authors (even
>if it's determined mechanically by words or sentences
>written) than attribute it to a corporation... and then,
>separately, one or two of the editors who butchered it.
>I understand.  Someimes I have that effect.
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