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Core Animation or OpenGL for 3D interface? William Dahlberg Fri Apr 18 06:02:21 2008

Hi guys,

I'm new to Cocoa and I'm developing a small app that will have a 3D UI, that
is, list boxes, buttons and other views will be translated and rotated
arbitrarily in a 3D world with a perspective projection applied to them. The
problem that I face is how to still be able to interact with all the
controls by clicking them with the mouse. I've poked around with Core
Animation a little and found that doing 3D transformations on NSViews are
quite easy and straight forward. By doing so though, I loose the ability
click the controls.

So my question to you with more experience with Core Animation and Cocoa is:
Is Core Animation built to handle this or should I just do it myself using
OpenGL and write my own picking code?

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