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Re: Serialize processed image for web service Tim Perrett Mon Feb 02 03:02:26 2009

Hey Andrew,

Oh good - that's exactly the solution I came up with over the weekend. I've
now built my server side to decode the base64 stuff, and the cocoa app
encodes the image and it all works perfectly!

Thanks for your response however as you have just put my mind at ease :-)

Cheers, Tim  

On 01/02/2009 22:24, "Andrew Lindesay" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello Tim;
> I do this between a Cocoa daemon and a java/WebObjects application;
> can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve?
> In my case, the Cocoa daemon has a small web server in it that
> supports JSON-RPC.  The WebObjects application servers connect to the
> daemon using JSON-RPC and then the daemon manipulates the image and
> then sends back the image as a JSON-RPC response.  The image data, in
> this case, is simply a GIF image which is base64 encoded.  This is
> really inefficient of course, but it is fine for low volume.  For
> higher volumes, I would supply the data on an HTTP request as binary
> data and then respond with an HTTP response as binary data.
> I hope this helps you.
> cheers.
>> Im working on a small cropping application that once the user has
>> cropped
>> the selected image, I need to serialize it somehow and then send it
>> to my
>> java servlet.
>> I've done a lot of googling, and reading of docs, but I can seem to
>> work out
>> how I can serialize the image in a standard way?
>> Any help / advice would be great
> ___
> Andrew Lindesay
> www.lindesay.co.nz

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