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Re: Is a seed fill possible with a kernel routine? maxwellmac99 Tue Jul 28 05:30:09 2009

ps. I should clarify, I'm trying to label components. So if I have 5
shapes in the image they would each have a different label.

2009/7/28  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi Folks,
> the Image Unit Tutorial says it isn't....
> "A kernel routine computes an output pixel by using an inverse mapping
> back to the corresponding pixels of the input images. Although you can
> express most pixel computations this way—some more naturally than
> others—there are some image processing operations for which this is
> difficult, if not impossible. For example, computing a histogram is
> difficult to describe as an inverse mapping to the source image. You
> also cannot perform seed fills or any image analysis operations that
> require complex conditional statements."
> Here's what a seed fill is...
> http://wapedia.mobi/en/Flood_fill
> No doubt it can be done in Quartz 2D, but I'm racking my brains to
> figure out if it's possible with a kernel routine, maybe by repeatedly
> invoking it.
> Any ideas? Any advice would be great.
> Many thanks,
> Max
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