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Detect "Enable Flash" checkbox Dylan Ashe Fri Jan 19 18:05:39 2007

We¹re running into a compatibility problem with Acrobat, Adobe Flash, and
QT¹s Flash...  and we need to detect that QT has Flash enabled and warn the
user about the situation.

In older versions of QuickTime (pre 7.1.3ish), we examined the MIME
settings, and if we saw Flash, we brought up the warning.  Unfortunately now
you have the ³Enable Flash² checkbox which separate of those MIME settings,
enabling flash.  Watching the modification dates, it looks like QT stores
that information in QuickTime Preferences.  So of course we thought we might
sniff QuickTime Preferences for the bit, but unfortunately that file isn¹t a
plist like everything else.

So, how can we detect that the user has that checkbox set?

Dylan Ashe
Acrobat Engineering

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