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Re: Problem with updateMovieFile Milton Aupperle Fri May 08 15:00:20 2009

Hi Seth;

There are many many cases where QuickTime returns no errors and fails to do what it should:

Save a monochrome 16 bit tiff with exif comments will result in no errors but you'll get an RGB24 bit tiff out.

Save a monochrome 8 bit tiff with exif comments will result in no errors but you'll get an RGB24 bit tiff out.

Request a RGB24 GWorld on a Mac will get you an ARGB32 GWorld and no errors returned.

And most of the new IO crap that Apple replaced the QT code (Carbon or Cocoa) with either returns no errors whatsoever when you use the calls or they return a useless Boolean true / false rather than an error code. At least with an error code you can at least try to behave appropriately for things like full disk or locked files or insufficient privileges, but true or false is just plain idiotic design.

Milton J. Aupperle
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On 8-May-09, at 2:50 PM, Seth Willits wrote:

So this is caused by a leaked data and movie reference from flattening the movie. I never noticed in the year I've been using this code, but that's the source. How updateMovieFile doesn't give an error, considering it doesn't result in a usable file, I don't know. Maybe that's a bug?

Seth Willits

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