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Re: Problem with CloseMovieFile [Solved]. Santhosh S Tue Dec 22 21:00:13 2009

Thanks George,

I just replaced fsCurPerm with fsRdPerm while opening the file, CloseMovieFile 
is closing the file descriptor and everything seems fine.

I am opening network mounted files, that may be the reason for not closing.


On 22-Dec-2009, at 7:46 PM, George Birbilis wrote:

> >              int the_lErr = ::OpenMovieFile(&fileRef , &refId, fsCurPerm );
> >              if(the_lErr == noErr)  
> >                              the_lErr = ::NewMovieFromFile(&movie, refId, 
> > &resName, NULL, newMovieActive , &the_bDataChanged);
> >             
> >              CloseMovieFile(refId);
> The CloseMovieFile should be inside the if block, try this first (that is if 
> OpenMovieFile has failed for some reason, you can’t just go on and call 
> CloseMovieFile, only if open had succeeded you can – so your issue might be 
> with open, not close in fact)
> could also take a look at QTUtils sample code (available online from Apple), 
> checkout the “GetMovie” function (it might be using FSSpec instead of file 
> refs, but is similar code)
> Cheers,
> George
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Santosh Shanbhag.

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