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Re: Configuring .mov to .mp4 H.264/AAC Conversion Passthrough? Seth Willits Wed Dec 07 01:00:35 2011

On Nov 22, 2011, at 5:33 PM, Seth Willits wrote:

> Anyone know if there's a straightforward way to programmatically configure a 
> movie export component, to be used with ConvertMovieToDataRef, that will take 
> in an H.264/AAC encoded .mov to an MPEG 4 file? 
> I'm wading through trying to figure it out and am nowhere so far.

Long story short, I managed to finagle a way to get QT Player to spit out the 
atom container for the appropriate settings for me, and using that worked 
great. I personally didn't find an API-based programmatic way, but obviously 
building the atoms programmatically would work. The key thing is using the 
'past' value in the video and sound atoms.

I did however get an off-list message which suggested this:

Probably something like this will work.
MovieExportComponent exporter;
OpenADefaultComponent(MovieExportType, kQTFileTypeMP4, &exporter);

UInt32 ftyp = 'mp42';
QTSetComponentProperty(exporter, kQTPropertyClass_MovieExporter,
                       'ftyp', sizeof ftyp, &ftyp);

QTAtomContainer ac;
MovieExportGetSettingsAsAtomContainer(exporter, &ac);
uint32_t past = EndianU32_NtoB('past');
QTAtom enso = QTFindChildByID(ac, kParentAtomIsContainer,
                              kQTSettingsMovieExportEnableSound, 1, 0);
QTSetAtomData(ac, enso, sizeof past, &past);
QTAtom envi = QTFindChildByID(ac, kParentAtomIsContainer,
                              kQTSettingsMovieExportEnableVideo, 1, 0);
QTSetAtomData(ac, envi, sizeof past, &past);
MovieExportSetSettingsFromAtomContainer(exporter, ac);

.... which to me looks like it'd work just fine. I haven't tried it yet though 
because I've been a bit busy, but I certainly will try it at some point soon.

Seth Willits

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