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Re: Problem playing H.264 encoded on QtPro v7.0.4 on Qt v7.1.3 Colin Holgate Mon Oct 30 12:17:15 2006

At 11:16 AM +0000 10/30/06, Andrea Barbieri wrote:
QT 7.0.4 was officially released in January this year...

The reason why 'newer' quicktime players show a white frame is because the
encoded H.264 track advertises itself as Profile 40 and Level 1, both
'unkown' values. QuickTime player simply decides to mark the track
unplayable with the obvious consequences.

If, on the other hand, one uses an alternative player like VLC
(http://www.videolan.org) the movie clip plays without any problems.

Can you say which of the links you saw that behavior on? The ones I tried don't have a white video track, in fact there is no video track at all. And VLC doesn't even play the sound track.

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