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Re: QuickTime-VR Digest, Vol 3, Issue 412 Brian O'Reilly - Four Plus Four Tue Dec 19 06:03:13 2006


Have you tried CubicConnector - Mac Only - from:

I have used it with success to do what you seem to need


Four Plus Four Ltd.
Virtual Tour and Panoramas

Hello everybody,

sorry for crossposting this subject here and in the ivrpa-forum:

A client wants to embend directional sound to my panoramas and now he
is struggeling with Livestage. Doing it as it is explained in the
manual produces very unsatisfying results, fading in and out of the
different soundfiles doesn't seem to work properly, it sounds, like it
is just cut off, when you vary the pan.

My question is: Are there any tutorials for directional sound in
LiveStage ( or any other software ) around in the web ? We already
found the behaviour "panosound" out of the stagedoor-resources. But
are there any others ?

And are there any examples for directional sound in Quicktime in the
Web to see, what is possible to produce with LiveStage ( or any other
software ) ?

Every hint is welcome !

Thanks in advance

Kay-Uwe Rosseburg


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