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[Refocus Phoenix] Re: Wedding Question... withoutsin Mon Feb 16 18:00:31 2009

One often requested and often disastrous shot? The groom's reaction to 
the bride when she appears. Poor guy normally looks shell-shocked, not 
... whatever-the-bride-thinks-he's-gonna-look-like. Also, if you can 
scout out the location and plan a few shots before hand (sucks covering 
an event and realizing you could have got this brilliant shot if you 
only knew...) - good deal.

Jim Panzer wrote:
>> Hi all, a friend of a friend saw some of my stuff on-line and asked 
>> me to do their wedding.  I have never done a wedding before and they 
>> know this, so I am not trying to sell them something I am not.  I 
>> think they are on a budget and they just simply liked my portrait 
>> work.  So, I will be giving her a call back in a bit here to talk 
>> about the details.  I was wondering if anyone in the group might be 
>> able to give me a few tips or suggestions.  Just like thing to look 
>> out for, things to do and not to do, just simple stuff like that. 
>>  Anything would help.  I am not even sure of what to charge, I don't 
>> want to undermine the industry by charging too little but then again 
>> they are on a budget.  Maybe I should try and collect a few more 
>> specific questions as well, maybe after the phone call.  OK, thanks all!
>> Sincerely,
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