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Keeping ACL in FS in sync with Gerrit Ulrik Sjölin Mon Aug 31 14:01:59 2009

Hello there,

The LDAP connection in Gerrit is working great in our organisation
(thank you Shawn).
>From a security point of view it would be desireable to keep the ACLs
in the FS on the
Gerrit server in sync with the access rights that are set for each
group/project. It seems
to me that its only the read-access that is interesting to keep synced
since its the "gerrit2"
user that does all the writing.

What would be the easiest/best way to accomplish this? Or is this
completetly the
wrong way to go?

I would really like it if we could do everything via Gerrit, but since
we need
gitweb (Gerrit-216) and a way for the users to clone from the
replication-servers in an
authenticated way (Gerrit-183), I dont see any other way than securing
the FS on the
servers... Maybe I am  missing something here...

Advice, thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

Ulrik Sjölin

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