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Re: X1_ Permission only for "not-approved" Resources? mallej Mon Feb 20 04:01:10 2012

another approach would be to use different resource types for the
different approval stages.
i could make a resourcetype called "image not-approved" where the X1_
Permission is set.

On 20 Feb., 12:21, mallej <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> how can i achieve a configuration that restricts downloading of the
> original filesize for a "not-approved" resource.
> We need a download restriction depending on a approval setting.
> An "approved" resource would be equal to an open resource but
> the "not-approved" resource should only have a X1_ Permission.
> The problem is to build the switch mechanism.
> My first thought was to use the open/restricted resource setting for
> that.
> But with that and the X1_ Permission i only got it  the other way
> around.
> Is there a inverse X1_ Permission?
> Or maybe a total different approach?
> thanx

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