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[rhino-tools-dev] Rhino Security Entity Issue developer developer Wed Jul 22 01:30:16 2009


Thanks for a quick reply . Please confirm the rhino tools mailing
list , i will be adding

further questions there . Here for ur quick reference , i am attaching
the question

(apologies for the inconveneience(:

As per the rhino documentation :
"Permissions are associated with  entities like Accounts from a given
EntitiesGroups or to

entities directly (omitting EntitiesGroups) that implements

which are related by SecurityKey (Accounts.SecurityKey with

security_EntityReferences.EntitySecurityKey). "
So I have some specific questions :

1. How do u bind entities from application domain (or application
tables ) with the rhino

security using IInformation Extractor ? and how and in which table of
the rhino schema,

these links shown . Pls send a demo for the same . I need to add
permissions for entities

and enity group using permissions builder service using two overloads
of .On(EntityGroup)

and  .On<Entity>(Entity)

2. Please provide more documenation on the usage n implementation of
security tables :
a) Entity References (security)
b) EntityReferencesToEntityGroups
c) Use of "Oneverything"

3. Is it mandatory to have users table in rhino schema or we can use
users table from our

application tables (By inhering from Iuser )?

4. As per the documentation we have two ways for entites :
a) If we associate an entity with EntityGroup , then we dont need to
inherit it from

IInformationExtractor ? Is it true ?
b) If we dont associate an entity with EntityGroup , we must have to
inherit the entity from

IInformationExtractor ?


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