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[rhino-tools-dev] Rhino.Queues NuGet Package does not specify log4net version Torkel Ödegaard Fri Feb 03 14:01:53 2012


Just thought I would notify you, if you are not already aware that due
too a log4net nuget update on december 21st the Rhino Servicebus
package is now broken.

When installing latest Rhino.ServiceBus nuget package you also get
installed log4net 1.2.11.

Rhino ServiceBus / Rhino Queues 2.2.2 is compiled against log4net
1.2.10. Log4net 1.2.11 differ in PublicKeyToken so no assembly
redirect will work.

The Rhino.Queues nuget package does specify a version for its log4net
dependecy, that is why nuget will take the latest version.


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