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[rhino-tools-dev] Re: Rhino ESB - Batches racielrod Fri Feb 03 18:06:40 2012

Yes I was, I will read sagas more in detail...
With the little exposure I had to ESBs it seems that they are good in
1-1 message delivery/consumption and I'm not sure they are suitable to
what I was trying to achieve.
The learning experience is being great and most of the times you learn
what something is good for by hitting what that something is NOT good
for.. :)
As I said, I will check sagas more in detail, but it looks that the
solution is not trivial, and I want to keep things simple.


On Feb 2, 3:57 pm, nightwatch77 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Please take into account that sagas require persistent storage (a
> database) and every arriving message will update the saga state
> so you'll be doing a database transaction for each individual message.
> Weren't you trying to avoid that?
>  R

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