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[rhino-tools-dev] Should Rhino.ServiceBus.Host.exe with /Action:Deploy dispose the boot straper? Finn Nielsen Thu Apr 12 07:01:02 2012


Hi all,

We are using RSB (2.2.1) with Quartz.NET to schedule jobs throughout the 
process lifetime. Quartz.NET is initialized in an override for 
UnityBootStrapper.BeforeStart and disposed in the override for 

We are observing that when using Rhino.ServiceBus.Host.exe with 
/Action:Deploy then the process never terminates. Analysis indicate that 
/Action:Deploy does not invoke Dispose for the boot strapper, meaning the 
Quartz.NET scheduler is never disposed. I am assuming Quartz.NET allocates 
resources (threads) which prevent graceful process termination, which again 
cause the symptom that /Action:Deploy never terminates.

For now we have moved Quartz.NET initialization to the override for 
UnityBootStrapper.AfterStart as it does not get invoked with 
/Action:Deploy. This can however make initialization of our process 
vulnerable to race conditions, which is why I would prefer to have 
Quarz.NET initialization in BeforeStart.

Is it intentional that /Action:Deploy does not dispose the boot strapper?  And 
if yes; why?

Thanks in advance.

Sign. FiNN

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