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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] "Various Artists" in Artists emalvick Tue Feb 07 17:00:14 2012

MrSinatra;689362 Wrote: 
> few votes?  only ~10 bugs have more votes, and they are all really old,
> and some are esoteric or unlikely to ever get done.  bug tracker voting
> is not something the avg user makes an effort to do, or frankly, is
> even aware of.  38 votes is a LANDSLIDE.  no newer bug has more votes.

My bad. I've only voted for a couple of bugs with LMS, but I'm used to
software where bugs can be voted into the hundreds.

> i'm not sure what you're talking about, i can't think of any devices
> i've used that DIDN'T support AA?  i think its pretty common.  my droid
> does, for example.  most hardware, and software, will also let you
> switch on the fly between A and AA.

Well, I guess you're ahead of me.  I haven't purchased a device in 5
years, and at the time nothing but Zune used AA tags.  My current droid
probably does, but I still prefer my older PMP.  I do see that devices
that have AA support do allow switching on the fly, but even that
hasn't always been the case with the ones I use. 

> what is your family using that isn't tagging/creating AA?  the only
> thing that doesn't do it by default that i know of is itunes, but it
> does support AA.  itunes stupidly uses comp tags instead, which it
> invented out of id3 spec.

My guess is most of my family is using ITunes.  In reality I don't pay
attention to what they do and how they do it. Even most of my music,
which was ripped 10+ years ago (around 2000-2002) did not have AA
without my own intervention using EAC. I think the family members are
the same way. 

You have to realize that many people are not as adept as you and most
of the people here are that are aware of AA tags are even when they do
have them filled.  This probably reflects the status of those family
members in their current ripping.

Regardless, you just pointed out the fact that ITunes dominates the
software, which I think reflects the BUG were discussing.  This bug
doesn't really affect those users.  Of course it affects everyone else,
but how many people who are affected even realize they are affected?  

The comment about Apple users going with the Airporter etc, is likely
spot on, but in terms of business, Apple users are still the target
consumer, or Logitech chooses to keep it that way.  It's unfortunate,
but unlikely to change.

Ultimately, this isn't exactly the end of the world either (we'll leave
the Mayans to that).  It isn't like the bug can't be worked around.   I
know the user shouldn't have to do this, but personally I'd rather make
my collection and squeezebox experience work.  It doesn't mean it
shouldn't be fixed, but it also means that there probably won't be any
urgency by Logitech to fix it.

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