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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] "Various Artists" in Artists MrSinatra Wed Feb 08 00:00:24 2012

emalvick;689433 Wrote: 
> My guess is most of my family is using ITunes.  In reality I don't pay
> attention to what they do and how they do it. Even most of my music,
> which was ripped 10+ years ago (around 2000-2002) did not have AA
> without my own intervention using EAC. I think the family members are
> the same way.

yes, but files can be tagged or "auto-tagged" at any time and EAC now
supports AA at rip.  (eac is niche, but WMP and Winamp are used by
millions of people, and are the ones logitech can sell to, b/c they are
the non-itunes people) 

emalvick;689433 Wrote: 
> You have to realize that many people are not as adept as you and most of
> the people here are that are aware of AA tags are even when they do have
> them filled.  This probably reflects the status of those family members
> in their current ripping.

the point isn't who is or isn't aware, the point is in getting good,
intuitive app behavior based on normal criteria or circumstances.  a
noob, aware or not, has a right to good behavior from something he
buys.  (and please others reading this, spare me the server is free

emalvick;689433 Wrote: 
> Regardless, you just pointed out the fact that ITunes dominates the
> software, which I think reflects the BUG were discussing.  This bug
> doesn't really affect those users.  Of course it affects everyone else,
> but how many people who are affected even realize they are affected?

i think that point strengthens my argument.  what you are saying is
someone isn't harmed if they don't know it; or at least, that its ok to
do so in that case.  so does that mean i can move them into a building
full of asbestos without their knowledge?  

and while this bug does not affect itunes users, so what?  there are
millions of other non-itunes users, and they are the ones logitech is
likely to get sales from.

emalvick;689433 Wrote: 
> The comment about Apple users going with the Airporter etc, is likely
> spot on, but in terms of business, Apple users are still the target
> consumer, or Logitech chooses to keep it that way.  It's unfortunate,
> but unlikely to change.

i don't think so.  i think early on, before logitech, the thinking was
to make this compliment itunes.  but that was before itunes had its own
hardware.  logitech is not going to compete with that in any meaningful
way.  if you're an itunes users, as you have now said yourself, you're
likely to use apple hardware, not a SB.

emalvick;689433 Wrote: 
> Ultimately, this isn't exactly the end of the world either (we'll leave
> the Mayans to that).  It isn't like the bug can't be worked around.   I
> know the user shouldn't have to do this, but personally I'd rather make
> my collection and squeezebox experience work.  It doesn't mean it
> shouldn't be fixed, but it also means that there probably won't be any
> urgency by Logitech to fix it.

of course its not the end of the world, and for that matter, digital
music itself is not that important in the grand scheme of things, and
all those kinds of relative arguments can always be made.  but since
these forums concern these products, i think its fair game to complain
that this issue has been known about for at least 5 years and counting.
i am pretty sure actually, that there are bugs about it that predate

my main beef, is that the issue is the worst kind, in that its a silent
issue, meaning that people will be afflicted, and not know it.  i hate
those kinds of bugs, and i'd like to see this product improve and
actually have a chance in the marketplace.  but as long as things like
this go unattended, i hold out little hope.  and btw, even if a user
figures out there is a problem, (not easily done with any kind of large
collection), it will not be obvious why its happening, or how to fix it.
personally, i think that makes for a very bad impression and could
cause lost sales, as if the default scan and browse webui exp wasn't
bad enough.


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