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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] "Various Artists" in Artists emalvick Thu Feb 09 10:01:25 2012

garym;689737 Wrote: 
> aha. There's the rub. The way many folks use AA and even Various Artists
> are not albums they intend to be treated as compilations.

I understand that not any AA makes a compilation.  I have AA for all my
albums whether they need them or not because I have other software that
in fact lets me browse strictly by AA making AA necessary.  

However, if AA = Various Artists, I'm not sure how that would not be a
compilation.  I'm not talking about whether the COMPILATION tag is set
or not (I don't use that tag), just that conceptually such an album is
a compilation. 

Now of course there can be compilations with other AA tags, but that's
not the issue.

I don't think the bug is so much that we are asking for albums with AA
= VA to be compilations as far as the database is concerned.  I think
it is more that they be listed by their AA tag just like albums with
any other AA tag are.  An album shouldn't get hidden just because its
AA tag happens to coincide with the menu name for compilations.

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