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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] "Various Artists" in Artists garym Thu Feb 09 12:01:11 2012

emalvick;689759 Wrote: 
> I understand that not any AA makes a compilation.  I have AA for all my
> albums whether they need them or not because I have other software that
> in fact lets me browse strictly by AA making AA necessary.  And perhaps
> you can say that I am one of those that doesn't really intend VA to be
> representative of all my compilations.   
> I don't think the bug is so much that we are asking for albums with AA
> = VA to be compilations as far as the database is concerned.  I think
> it is more that they be listed by their AA tag just like albums with
> any other AA tag are.  An album shouldn't get hidden just because its
> AA tag happens to coincide with the menu name for compilations.

I don't disagree with you. I was only pointing out that part of the
longstanding difficulty with all this is that *some* people (not me)
make this argument.


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