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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] Is it wise to use disc number tag or not ? MrSinatra Sun Feb 19 09:00:10 2012

JJZolx;691358 Wrote: 
> Nothing wrong with that, but by using discnumber tags and by keeping the
> album name identical across all discs, you have the option in LMS of
> having them either way - as one album or as multiple albums. In other
> software they're most likely to always be seen as one album, which is
> what I prefer.

right...  this is one area in which LMS seems to behave well.  i just
explicitly force it the way i do so that all other software and devices
act in an expected way, plus its one less variable / one less thing in
the DB or to scan.

the other thing is i personally rarely, if ever, want to see multidisc
sets presented as one picture or 'one album.'  the only real drawback
for me, and its minor, is i would like to have more accurate "stats"
ie. album titles vs CD count, but server has never been good at stats
as is anyway.

def a nice feature though for others, esp those only concerned with how
LMS does things.


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